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Warren Technical School

Dekalb County Schools

Graphic Communications

Program Overview

The Graphic Communications program at Warren Technical School takes our students from “A 

to Z” when it comes to the end result, which is our students’ employability in Graphics and

related fields. 


Beginning with the Foundations of Graphic Design, students learn to design for a multitude of

technologies including printing, packaging, electronic imaging and more. Students are taken

through a range of skills and crafts including visual arts, page layout, and typography to help

prepare to design for production. Once a student’s foundational design skills are developed, we begin focus on procedures used in the Graphic Communication and Design industries. Students gain problem solving skills and understand design as well as hands on production in areas like Screen Printing and Digital Printing.


Ultimately, our students gain more and more advanced, hands-on experience in production

printing output, having first learned how to design for it, and manage their projects from

concept to completion. Their work over the course of the curriculum accumulates to develop a

portfolio as students prepare to move to employment in Graphic Communications.