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Warren Technical School

Dekalb County Schools

Automobile Maintenance and Light Repair

The Auto Services Instructional Team

The Automobile Maintenance And Light Repair Program

This two year program is designed to provide a basic understanding of automobile mechanics and maintenance. Through a well designed course of study that begins with basic repair, tool and parts recognition and culminates in work-based-learning experiences at local businesses and government agencies.  Our students are highly-motivated and possess a strong desire to learn.

While at Warren Tech, students have the opportunity to learn the basics of the automotive repair business through intensive classroom instruction that emphasizes shop safety.  Students become familiar with tools and diagnostic systems, applied mathematics, and skills related to customer service and proper work place procedures.

Students are subject to various types of equipment and services. The Automotive Services program is ideally a two year program, in which students can advance in their second plus years. Students also continue to work and practice their academics in areas of: Social Skills, Career Mathematics, Reading and Writing.


Work-Based Learning Experience

The partnership between schools and businesses is best exemplified by  shared learning opportunities exposing  high school students to real-life experiences. The demands for a technically  trained and competent workforce are greater than ever. In 1994 Congress enacted the School to Work Opportunity Act to provide support for this partnership. Under the Act three areas were identified: 1. School-Based Component; 2. Work-Based Component; and, 3. Connecting Activities.

All of these depend on the combined strengths of a eager and motivated group of young people along with strong and effective work-related experiences. Together, the shared goals of both groups will be met.

We are partnered with DeKalb County Fleet Management where our students have the opportunity to work along side veteran technicians and experience real world work and situations. Currently we have several students employed full time with DeKalb County Fleet Management and other automotive related businesses.


Work-Based Learning Photos

Course Syllabus/Student Handbook