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Warren Technical School

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

About Us....

Mission: To prepare students with self-advocacy, life and employability skills through research-based instruction and career exploration.

School Overview: Warren Technical is a unique school providing students with special needs instruction in career, job readiness, and life skills. Students in grades 10-12, ages 16-21, attend Warren Technical School for five and one-half hours each day. Programs are offered in: agriculture, automobile maintenance and light repair, business and technology, construction, culinary arts, early childhood education, graphic communications, hospitality and tourism.   Students have the opportunity to learn skills directly in the workplace through Work-Based Learning internships at DeKalb County Fleet Management, Fernbank Science Center, Walmart and other area businesses.  
School Goals: To prepare students with special needs for the workforce and to provide job placement and follow-up opportunities. However, students are not guaranteed a job.
Upon successful completion of curriculum standards and achievement of off-campus Work-Based learning goals, some students are employed and monitored by a job coach or teacher during their enrollment and receive school credit while "learning and earning."
"Skills Today for Opportunities Tomorrow"

The program at Warren Tech offers opportunities for success in acquiring job skills for students who need intensive training and hands on learning opportunities in order to be successful in the workforce. The school staff serves students, parents, business partners, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the student's home school to ensure that each student has the necessary resources and opportunities to be successful in a career. Students are required to have medical and liability insurance that covers the employers and students interest in off-campus Work-Based Learning.