Warren Technical School

Dekalb County Schools

What's New in Graphic Communications?

A select few from Warren Tech's Graphic Communications program have been selected to participate in Work Based Learning at the DCSD Copy Center, located at the district office.   Students were excited before boarding the bus, they chatted with each other about what kind of machines would be there and if they would be using machines different from those in the classroom. 
It was a silent ride to the AIC building, but once inside students were greeted with warm smiles, handshakes, and even a huge Welcome Warren Tech Banner mounted on the wall. As students toured the shop, each member of the team explained their role and the machines they operate on a regular basis. 
Students shadowed different team members asked questions about all of the machines they never knew existed and enjoyed a sweet treat at the end. After the first experience, the students were filled with questions about returning to the Copy Center, the large sheets of paper they carried, and the machines they hope to be assigned to next time.